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WeGotUpAndWent began when we were still living in Hawai'i as a way for my husband to share our adventures with friends and family on Facebook. Our adventures became so popular, and so did our dog, Niele, that we decided to create a Facebook page for Niele too. Before we knew it, we had a ton more people interested in our adventures than we could have ever imagined. And we had a lot of questions too!

So we decided that we would start a Niele Adventures website, which turned into a cute children's book (soon to be two books). We received so much positive feedback, we decided to create WeGotUpAndWent to share our travels in more detail with like minded family, friends, and fans who were also dreaming of exploring the world and needed a spark. We try to provide detailed, informative blogs and fun videos so you too can turn your dreams into reality. 

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